Best Lunch Box Sandwich Ever Reveal

So Monday, I teased you with a description of the the BEST LUNCHBOX SANDWICH EVER, but failed to give up the actual contents of the sandwich.  The MOMent of truth has arrived. Drum roll please... How to make the Best Lunch Box Sandwich Ever: 100 % whole wheat tortilla Lavish spreading of humus on tortilla Chopped veggies:  red/orange/yellow peppers, carrots, celery, scallions, tomato, lettuce Lean meat of choice: turkey, chicken, … [Read more...]

A Mom’s Treasure

"Mom - pay attention to me!" I think my children would love to shout that to me at times. You know the times, the times when we are busy with our own agenda and we push our children off to the side. Not in a mean sort of way, just in an "I'm too busy right now" sort of way.  Either way - it's uncool. Join me over at MomLife Today where I am sharing my take on what it is our children really want from us on any given day!   (And … [Read more...]

Best Lunchbox Sandwich Ever

Forgive my absence...due to travel maxi-mus time in February I chose to go on hiatus here on the old personal blog and concentrate on family - and ministry over at MomLife Today.  I got a real life lesson in there are only so many hours in a day and has always been my policy, the home front comes first! And though I was not here, I have still been visiting YOU and am warmed anew by all God is doing in and through YOU in the blogosphere - blog on … [Read more...]