Fortune Cookie Predicts Doom

Building relationship with your kids makes for great fun together when they are teens. I don't get people when they talk about how awful the teen years are because although those years have challenges my experience has been they are the opposite of awful. When you have come alongside  your kids consistently, taught them the truth of who God is, who the enemy of God is and how they walk through life with a target on their back the teen years … [Read more...]

Your Phone Or Your Children?

I have written about the subject of spending intentional time with your kids for over five years. Of recognizing that every moment counts and your children are like little sponges and will soak up what they see and hear in eagerly magnificent ways. I am happy that finally more and more moms are recognizing and admitting to the "drift" towards isolation that is running dangerously rampant in our world...and in our homes. I nearly cried (I … [Read more...]

Ugly No Haired Baby Lie

Just when I thought it couldn't get any did. Way worse. In recent years I have become increasingly frustrated over society's desire to grow our children up too quickly. We want our six year olds to look like they are twelve, we want our twelve year olds to look like they are eighteen. What is it with this overwhelming trend to push  kids towards looking and acting older than they really are. I do not get it. It concerns me … [Read more...]

I Cannot Birth This Baby!

Interesting that during my pregnancy over 20 years ago I constantly read the book What To Expect When You Are Expecting and now that I am talking into the lives of moms I was asked by them to write a post on child birth! I really was connected to that book, I even mention it in Be The Mom! They have a website, What To Expect, and they send me an email several months back and say, "Hey, will you write us a guest post?" And I answer back, … [Read more...]

Busy Busy May

I am blessed. I am busy, but I am blessed and I share all about that as a guest post contributor over at Family Matters today! When my heart to speak into the lives of moms to encourage them allows me to share life regularly through the ministry of others I am in awe of how big God is! And truly amazed at how He opens doors that leave me humbled and grateful. Today I am sharing over at Family Matters and I hope you join me … [Read more...]

Don’t Be A Hater!

I make mistakes constantly. I mess up. I let my “uglies” show. I let people down. I fail to meet expectations. I puff up. Sometimes that makes me want to seal myself off from the world to save others from me. I’ve been reading Psalms and David’s words seem less like little black marks on a page and more like a mirror. I am mindful of my constant need to seek forgiveness...and give it. God is so good to forgive. People...not so … [Read more...]

Don’t Shoot The Mom Messenger

Don’t you just love it when you follow a link to a post and discover God brought you there for His purposes? Last night I read a sweet moms thoughts and weighed what she had to say, considered how it applied me, (and others) understanding that she obviously felt convicted on the issue and led to share with those who read her blog. You see, she has a relationship with those who read her blog. She knows them, they know her – there is heart … [Read more...]

Random Observations

Time flies when you are hearing truth. A couple days with little time in front of a computer is a beautiful thing. Prayer lifted up together for others is somehow sweeter. Conversations with people you haven’t bumped into in a while brings much happiness! Cold, cold, cold water, quenching my the best ever. My sons smile...melts my mom heart. God truly gifts some with amazing talents and witnessing their obedient and … [Read more...]

Runaway Mom

I am almost embarrassed to admit it - I have thought of running away before. I say "almost" embarrassed, because more than likely you have had those same thoughts. Sometimes the daily assault on self is more than we can handle as moms. Being responsible for and constantly caring for our children can cause us to just want to escape and care for ourselves. Yes, I have had those fleeting thoughts. But then again anytime I constantly think of … [Read more...]