Twilight, 50 Shades & Magic Mike Hissing

God brought something to mind today...that is disturbing me. It has left me unnerved and shaken. Are you aware that for decades there has been a very dirty secret out there that’s mostly “hush-hush” in social circles? The dirty secret is the exploitation of boys. In many places on the Internet there are cries of horror over the injustices of sexual slavery. There are many ministries sharing the plight of thousands of young girls forced to … [Read more...]

RandoMOM Observations

Hiking when it’s over 100 degrees is exhilarating, in a totally drenched in sweat sort of way. Dead leaves on my trees makes me sad. When my husband calls and says, “How you doin?” (in a Joey from friends sort of way) it still makes me giggle and swoon!   When you invite a group of women to your home for “tea” you learn some things -  like even though I am a  southern lady...I really am a simple country girl...and I am … [Read more...]

Stay The Course?

When your first born goes off to college there are so very many challenges. Letting go, trusting God, an empty bedroom, a smaller ketchup bottle, no more long brown hair stuck in the vacuum cleaner brush, one less place setting, a sad cat, less conversation - I could make a lengthy list. I could cry me a river too. But I choose not to - I have spent the last 19 years training her for this time in her life and quite frankly, she is ready. She … [Read more...]

Point of Grace – Music Monday

OK, I can now share why I have been silent for over a week...we were on the FamilyLife Love Like You Mean It Cruise!!! Can I just say...AWESOME! I will tell you all about it in the days to come, I am currently buried under a pile of laundry, a soon due Science Fair project that I must wrangle my son to do, some deadlines on graduation stuff for my daughter...and oh yeah, I'm scheduled to speak at the GIANT Homeschool Convention in Memphis next … [Read more...]

Help for Moms Who Wanna Have Fun

Part of my m.o. is that I am a mom who likes to have fun with my kids. Now it wasn't always this way mind you, I went through my exhausted who has time for fun stage, but God snapped me out of that and I have never looked back. I realize that not all moms are naturally inclined for fun - that's why I wrote a post over at MomLife Today with a few tips for funness! Listed below are the ten suggestions for fun I challenged moms to try - I hope … [Read more...]

Simple Day…

My day has been ordinary. My day has been extraordinary...because I shared it with my family through conversation, laughter and knowing glances that reflected love and care. These family MOMents exist daily, but sadly I don't always notice them...or appreciate them. As I contemplate the absence of "mom" in the home of Gabrielle Giffords I realize the ordinariness of every day should be welcomed. As I read the posts of a beloved husband, … [Read more...]

Hug Me

I am most pleased that illness eluded our family over the CHRISTmas break! Woo Hoo! Much healthy fun occurred including sleep overs, dance parties, movie nights, dinner w/friends here, dinner w/friends at their home, bon fires, singing, game playing, hiking, comedy night, baking, cooking, crafting...we did a bit of everything. This week, school started up for my teens, I went in to substitute teach and BAM I came down with a bear of a cold. … [Read more...]

Mom With a CHRISTmas Attitude

Have you seen them? Glazed over eyes, crumpled list tightly in hand and lips pursedso tightly you couldn't get the utterance of Away in the Manger out of them for nothin... Away in the Anger is more like it! Are you one of those moms with a Christmas attitude? What I mean to suggest by that is don’t be a frazzled, I have too much to do, grumpy, no fun to be with during the month of December, oh my gosh there are not enough hours in the … [Read more...]

A Walk In My Shoes

I have spent the last few days soaking in the amazing hospitality of the Cathy Family (Chick Fil A) and meeting some "on fire" people who are working hard to provide help and hope to marriages and families!  I have much to share that I will start blogging about next week - however, I've been traveling for two weeks so it's time to chill out over the weekend! Of course, my camera died the day before I left so my original plan of sharing my … [Read more...]