Broken Boy Hope

(Friends, I wrote this post over CHRISTmas, but because I had made the choice not to blog over the break it has been sitting in my computer...but I feel compelled to share it as I feel someone needs the assurance of the encouragement it provides. And I really want to know the answer to the question I pose at the end!) I am sitting in a hospital recovery room, eyes affixed on my sixteen year old son who is recovering from surgery. I sit here … [Read more...]

Boys, Moms & Messy gotta love em - cause they keep you on your toes! They also keep you in your laundry room and kitchen! Especially the kitchen because giving them good grub keeps them coming back to your home. Which trust me, is a good thing. I learned from a mom older and wiser than me years ago that if I wanted to know where my son was and what he was doing I best make my home a welcome place for him and his friends. Great advice, that I heeded … [Read more...]