Help For The Busy Mom

I have noticed we moms have a tendency to compare our "busyness schedules" when we meet up and greet each other! Being a busy mom should not be worn as a badge of honor; it should be an indicator that we may just need to slow down. I know that of which I speak . . . because I am, at times, a busy mom. However, when the busy word slips through my lips it also triggers a "warning signal" of sorts. I admit that when my momlife is filled with … [Read more...]

Busy Busy May

I am blessed. I am busy, but I am blessed and I share all about that as a guest post contributor over at Family Matters today! When my heart to speak into the lives of moms to encourage them allows me to share life regularly through the ministry of others I am in awe of how big God is! And truly amazed at how He opens doors that leave me humbled and grateful. Today I am sharing over at Family Matters and I hope you join me … [Read more...]

Mom Waste Of Time

Throughout my life keeping busy and being productive with my time has been a welcomed trait, one that has served me well. It is almost as if I have this little “I am wasting time here” meter going off in my head at any given moment and thus I strive hard not to be unproductive.  Do you feel me here? Are you nodding in agreement? Let us continue our back patting of our profound ability to accomplish!  Yay us! As a born “organizer” have you too … [Read more...]

Mom Gut Check

“In a minute” she shot out in frustration never taking her eyes off of the iphone as she texted rapid fire. In front of her stood a little girl, I watched the little face contort as she hesitated and thoughtfully pleaded at her mother, with her heart...she then gave a little shake of her head and went back to her skipping in place, then stooped down to pick up a stick. My walking in the park propelled me forward and the scene playing out … [Read more...]

Phooey on Tight Schedules

If you are an anal retentitve list keeper that must get lots accomplished to feel happy and secure - you may want to close your eyes, or click away, or be prepared to start laughing. This is not your kinda post - but then again, maybe that's exactly why you should keep reading. You see, I am guest posting over at Family Matters Blog and as a recovering Busy Mom myself - I decided to share my "take" on summer time schedules. Or should a say … [Read more...]

No Time = No Posts

Hey there, ho there! How you be? I be swamped!  Major deadlines at MomLife Today that have kept me running around on my computer and to meetings whenever I have had some time to myself.  Which has been seldom and at strangely odd times.  Why you ask? Could it be because there have been three...count them three snow days and my teens have been home and I have had a constant houseful of extra teens so the last thing I have time to do is … [Read more...]

May Madness Moms part 2

How are you this fine May fellow moms? I am fine, just a little busy this month. Off the top of my head... Band Dinner & Auction Volunteer Kentucky Derby Party for Teens Organize National Archery Tournament Hotel and Bus plans for 30 + families Substitute Teach Awards Banquet Work projects for Welcome Teas for New Women to FamilyLife Update/Remake of Personal Website (yeah, this one) Untold meetings and … [Read more...]

May Madness Moms

Forget March Madness...for all moms, the madness is in May. I mean's like every school, church and civic organization tries to fit into the month of May whatever they did not manage to get done previously in the school calendar year. I don't know whether I am coming or going. I have this constant nagging in the back of my head, "What have I forgotten?" Can you relate? If some resort would wise up and offer a "Mom's … [Read more...]