God Did That!

We had guests over the weekend. My favorite kind of guests – teenagers. My daughter came home from college for the weekend and brought three friends with her.  There are only two weeks left to their Freshman year in college so it was a sweet time of lots of good home cookin and many rich conversations - a year in review reflections and the sharing future dreams wonderings! On Saturday night we had a couple of adults join us, as I always … [Read more...]

Little Boy House Guests

  Sometimes a simple phrase from a child can make you stop and think. Two sweet, energetic and adorable little boys ages 3 and 5 recently filled our home with giggles and grins. I was meeting their mom for the first time to discuss some “MomLife Today” matters and she had her sons along for the trip. There was no way they needed to be staying in a hotel – so invited them to stay with us. We had discussions under a basketball hoop, … [Read more...]

Protect Your Children

This whole Penn State thing has had my head reeling. I am at a loss for words. The world has within it such evil - how do we protect our children? My sweet friend Dannah Gresh wrote an extremely helpful post that gives very doable, practical advice on how to discuss personal space safety with your child. It is a hard conversation to have, but a necessary one. I would encourage you to follow the link over to MomLife Today to read, and then … [Read more...]

More Kids Equals More Fun

I was told my doctors that I would never have any children, so the fact that we were blessed with two in spite of my reproductive issues has always filled me with much gratitude and awe of God's grace. This week I have had six children...well, at least I have had four extra's in my home. To get the rest of the story and consider a challenge I am throwing out to you, join me over at Family Matters Blog where I am guest posting today! … [Read more...]

Boys N Cars

I am sure you have had heard it said (or learned personally) that teenagers can be a major source of frustration. While that is true, they can also be a major source of insight – and are frequently wiser than we give them credit for. Adults strive to figure out teenagers and why they think and act the way they do. Since one of my delights is to speak into the lives of teenagers, I observe and do mom research by interacting, listening and … [Read more...]

Courageous Mom Chat

I recently shared that I was blessed to interview Priscilla Shirer during her recent visit to FamilyLife. Well, while she was here I also spent some time with the Kendrick brothers who created the movie Courageous! More importantly I got to hang out with the Kendrick brothers wives - I am always more interested in the women behind successful men! Jill and Christina were amazingly wonderful - but we are not surprised by that are we? They … [Read more...]

Wipe Out Laughter

Are there male people in your home? So, tell me...are they ridiculously addicted to the television program Wipe Out? I have two male people in my home - a hubby and a 14 year old. I'm not sure which one is the teen when the two of them get their weekly "fix" of watching people being battered, flung about and humiliated while throwing their flailing bodies through the craziest assortment of obstacle courses you have ever had the … [Read more...]

Six Year Old Shout Out

Yesterday at church the absolute sweetest thing occurred that literally made me cry. We attend services in “The Edge” which is a more contemporary, edgy and loud worship experience, so in general there are few children in there - it’s mostly their parents who attend that service. But yesterday there was a family with young children sitting right in front of us. Midway through the initial praise music the worship Pastor asked us to be silent … [Read more...]

Toddler Travel Trip

I am all about giving children life experience through travel in order to teach them about new people, places, and opportunities different than their own. We have traveled by several means of transportation to many places and we have stayed in various forms of accommodations.My children, like their mother, have become somewhat adept at the art of people watching and quiet observation in an effort to better understand the world around them. We … [Read more...]