What Have Your Child’s Eyes Seen?

Yesterday over at MomLife Today we ran a post that literally made me gasp - no doubt you will too. It suggests that the average age a child first views pornography is far younger than you might suspect. The fact is, the average age of the first inception of pornography these days is 11. Yep. You read that right. Eleven. As in fifth grade. Last year of elementary school. (And that’s average. Yep, nine year olds are looking at porn.) On this … [Read more...]

Little Boy House Guests

  Sometimes a simple phrase from a child can make you stop and think. Two sweet, energetic and adorable little boys ages 3 and 5 recently filled our home with giggles and grins. I was meeting their mom for the first time to discuss some “MomLife Today” matters and she had her sons along for the trip. There was no way they needed to be staying in a hotel – so invited them to stay with us. We had discussions under a basketball hoop, … [Read more...]

Boys, Moms & Messy

Boys...you gotta love em - cause they keep you on your toes! They also keep you in your laundry room and kitchen! Especially the kitchen because giving them good grub keeps them coming back to your home. Which trust me, is a good thing. I learned from a mom older and wiser than me years ago that if I wanted to know where my son was and what he was doing I best make my home a welcome place for him and his friends. Great advice, that I heeded … [Read more...]

Solitude MOMents

Sunset loveliness on my evening stroll, magnificent color all around me with the changing leaves, ...kissed by the light breeze... caught a lazy oak leaf as it twirled to the ground... stroked the growing fuzzy winter coats on my horses as they munched hay... God's gracious simple blessings for my sweet MOMents of solitude received with gratitude! If you have not slowed down ... I encourage you to do so... Life "out there" … [Read more...]

Is Your Child Overwhelmed?

In today's competitive society adults are sometimes overwhelmed, unfortunately so are our children. Sometimes just getting daily school work done can leave children feeling stressed out because instead of doing their best they are striving to measure up to the kid sitting in the desk next to them. I remember when my son started the fourth grade I just knew something was up. I couldn’t quite place my finger on it, but I could see that he wasn’t … [Read more...]

Disgusting Jelly Beans “Ew”

Has your kid ever wanted to willingly share his jelly beans with you? Probably not.  If he does, I suggest you may consider saying no...especially if he is insistent!  Did you know there are jelly beans that are described as skunk spray, ear wax, and booger? Oh yeah, and if your children have not had them yet ... it's just a matter of time. So, there are these little boxes of jelly beans called Bean Boozled with 20 jelly beans in a box, … [Read more...]

Six Year Old Shout Out

Yesterday at church the absolute sweetest thing occurred that literally made me cry. We attend services in “The Edge” which is a more contemporary, edgy and loud worship experience, so in general there are few children in there - it’s mostly their parents who attend that service. But yesterday there was a family with young children sitting right in front of us. Midway through the initial praise music the worship Pastor asked us to be silent … [Read more...]

Lesson From a Baby

Yesterday I enjoyed a very special treat! I got to spend much of the day with the nine month old daughter of a very good friend who had a doctor's appointment. Truth be told, part of me thought it would be a bit of a stretch to spend several hours with a baby because I have a tendency to be "high task" and somehow manage to fill every moment of every day getting something done. Well, sweet little Isabel cured me of that affliction.  I am … [Read more...]