Messy Kid Doomed To Episode Of Hoarders

  When she became a tween and through her teen years my daughter’s room was the safest room in our home. The very room we should hide all of our valuables in, for if our home was ever broken into even the thief would be so overwhelmed upon entrance to her room he would have shuddered and made a fast retreat to a more organized part of the home. What the heck happened to my “clean up, clean up...everybody, everywhere...clean up, clean … [Read more...]

Doing Laundry For Fun!

In Be The Mom I talk about doing chores together as a family and trying to make even chores an opportunity to bond and build relational equity with your children.  I suggest that it is wise to make doing things around the house more about the relationship and character building and less about perfect chore completion.  With repetition and effort there is continuous improvement in children. I know sometimes it is tough moms cause we could get … [Read more...]