College Freshman Tips

The weeks have rolled by into months...and I have survived my oldest daughter going off to college. I have learned a few things along the way. There are many emotions that have hurled through my heart and head over the last few weeks. Excitement for my daughter at what lies ahead, sadness for me as I miss her deeply, concern for her brother who is so very close to her and alarm for my husband who at times has looked like a sad ten year old … [Read more...]

Holy Spit Matters

If you have read my last few posts you may have noticed a common thread. P-I-T-I-F-U-L. Never underestimate the feeling of loss when your first child goes off to college. And this from a mom who is by nature ridiculously energetic and joyful. Ask anyone who knows me ... or anyone who sees me walking down the grocery store aisles. Skip-a-dee-doo-da-day! Suffice it to say God worked the pitiful out of me. This morning as I was … [Read more...]

Imagine Your Child Disappearing

Mine did Two days ago To go to college I miss her so   As memories flash my lips curl upward with a soft smile I feel tears welling in my eyes Memories are a sweet gift Taking the time each day to make them, a wise choice   Amazing grace that she was given to me causes gratitude to flood over me Reminding me that her Father in heaven gave her to me for a season A season of loving, encouraging, … [Read more...]

Letting Go Of My Girl

I am having a sad day. Not sad in a pathetic way…just deeply reflective. How did 18 years happen…just like that? Such joy, fun and vibrant life lived while sharing my days with my first-born.  I am so very grateful that God blessed me with her. I was told I would never have children, so that she and her younger brother were gifted to me is indeed an embraced blessing. As I contemplate her future I am filled with a sense of … [Read more...]

She Is Flying The Nest!

I am having some breakfast before I go meet my soon to be good friend Ted Dekker (yeah right!) and I started crying. I read today's post over at MomLife Today... Sweet memories tumble through my head and slowly spill out of my eyes as salty tears. It was supposed to be just another one of my daily walks through the nearby lush green park, but it ended up being a walk down memory lane. I saw her running through the play ground, her dark … [Read more...]

College Road Trip

Now that my daughter is enjoying her Senior year of High School I find myself counting the number of days I have until she leaves the nest. Every opportunity to spend time with her is happily embraced and sought after. So, this weekend when she and I headed out on a college road trip I was excited and looking forward to some serious memory making! And memory making is just what happened, well that and lots of loud music, laughter, deep … [Read more...]

Photoshop Sucks

I just watched this video and it made me want to scream!Photoshop sucks... the pounds, wrinkles, sun spots, blemishes and natural curves, right off of your body. At what cost?The women who view magazine photos are daily being made to feel "less than" because they do not measure up to the women in the photographs. Hey, the women in the photographs don't measure up to the women in the photographs. Because the photos are NOT REAL.More importantly we … [Read more...]