God Did That!

We had guests over the weekend. My favorite kind of guests – teenagers. My daughter came home from college for the weekend and brought three friends with her.  There are only two weeks left to their Freshman year in college so it was a sweet time of lots of good home cookin and many rich conversations - a year in review reflections and the sharing future dreams wonderings! On Saturday night we had a couple of adults join us, as I always … [Read more...]

Texting Pick Me Up

I was moseying along during the day yesterday, minding my own business - actually I was cleaning a bathroom. Such is the glamorous life of a mom expecting a house full of couples for a good old fashioned deep Biblical discussion. Part of me wanted to fore-go the cleaning and just let my son's mess speak for itself - "This is our home, we do live in it and our guest bathroom happens to also be my 15 year old son't bathroom and he nor I have … [Read more...]