Got Courage & A Junk Drawer?

Today you can find my thoughts on being a Courageous Woman while staring submission right in the face over at MomLife Today. Here at Be The Mom...I want to share with you a sweet MOMent I had this morning...I was looking for something in my bedside table and pushed to the back of the drawer I found a sweet little pile of homemade love. My kids are now 19 and 16...building into them while they were young did matter moms, we have a … [Read more...]

Courageous A Must See

The movie Courageous is life changing - take it from me, take it from the over 1,000,000 people who saw it last weekend who made it the #1 movie in America....even though it is showing in 1/2 of the theaters the big Hollywood movies opened up in last week. My husband and I loved it, our 15 year old son loved it and our 18 year old daughter loved it. My daughter "forced" a big group of college friends to spend money (yes, poor struggling … [Read more...]