Miley…Seriously? Heavy Sigh.

OK - I avoided it for a month. Sort of how you avoid going to the dentist when you have a toothache...because you know it's gonna hurt. I am a Southern girl, raised with Southern values (and quirks) by parents who love me dearly. When the whole Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana craze started I liked the fact that she was sharing good old fashioned Southern values (and quirks) with the world. The show was light hearted, fun, and spoke some decent life … [Read more...]

Prayer Happens

I was sitting in a restaurant and at the table next to me I saw a family with their heads bowed blessing their food before they ate.I was substitute teaching at school and I saw a couple of teachers gathered together in a corner praying.I was on an airplane and I saw a passenger in front of me praying earnestly before the plane took off.Today is the National Day of Prayer and there are people who have gathered all across this great free nation to … [Read more...]

Orphan Care Summit

Do you care about orphans?If so, you would be interested in knowing that at this very moment a group of 1,100 key leaders are gathered together at the annual Orphan Care Summit and these Saints are finding ways to work together to care for the needs of the 140 million orphans in the world. Arm in arm they are seeking solutions for "the least of these." And as Dennis Rainey likes to say, "they are leaving their logos and egos at … [Read more...]

Mom Bully Exposed

Did you catch this story today on Good Morning America...about cyber mom bullies?OK, so I suppose part of blogging, tweeting and facebook is to share your opinions and thoughts on what you see going on in the world around you, but ugly personal attacks against people is just plain wrong.Just because you cannot see the pain in their eyes, does not mean that your words did not put it there.We all need to be mindful to use social … [Read more...]

Photoshop Sucks

I just watched this video and it made me want to scream!Photoshop sucks... the pounds, wrinkles, sun spots, blemishes and natural curves, right off of your body. At what cost?The women who view magazine photos are daily being made to feel "less than" because they do not measure up to the women in the photographs. Hey, the women in the photographs don't measure up to the women in the photographs. Because the photos are NOT REAL.More importantly we … [Read more...]

Surrender Your Shoes – for Kids w/out Shoes

This is one of those moments when I wish I had TONS of moms reading my blog...because I want all moms out there to join me in sharing a very practical teaching moment with their children.Have you ever stopped to think of the number of children around the world who spend every day of their lives barefoot?  At first glance you may think that's sad, but it's more than leaves them vulnerable to disease and injury.  Toms … [Read more...]

Tiger and His Tale

Did you watch the news conference today? There stood a somber, serious, wearied looking Tiger Woods trying to help a judgmental world understand his regret and pain. There stood a deeply concerned husband and father pleading with the mass of reporters and curious onlookers to leave his family alone.There stood a product endorsing gold mine trying to salvage his name and career.There stood a sinner who's ugly sin was exposed to the world.No matter … [Read more...]

The writing’s on the wall…uh, hand

So, I am speaking as a mom, not as a political analyst - because...I am a mom, not a political analyst. And this post is not about politics, it's about momness. Reporters have been giving Sarah Palin a hard time because of the notes she wrote on her hand at a recent event where she was speaking.  Are you serious? Years ago I had a friend who was a nurse teach me that one. That's the smartest trick in the book (or should I say "handbook" - har, … [Read more...]

Surrogates Movie…CreepyTrue

So, have you seen the movie Surrogates? (Warning: It is a little risque, if you are sensitive to such things!) Hubby and I rented it and I must say, it creeped me out! Mainly because it seemed to mimic what's already happening in America today! All the "perfect" people who wanted to look their very best - it was like looking at all the botox faces in Hollywood! But it seemed to go deeper than I reflected on all the faces I pass … [Read more...]

Haiti Up Close & Personal

Hey friends - this morning at FamilyLife we heard from the Executive Director of our Hope for Orphans ministry...and I cried through most of his presentation!He recently got back from Haiti where he took a group of doctors to care for orphans and to sort through paper work in an effort to find "forever families" for orphans. We saw the faces and heard the voices of the children of Haiti...He shared with us that there were over 300,000 orphans in … [Read more...]