Summertime & The Livin’s Sleazy

Really? According to many sources there are LOTS of people reading Shades of Grey. Lots.  Of.  People. Like, even people that are sitting in church on Sunday. Um hum. That’s really curious to me. Shades of Grey is erotic fiction. As far as I can tell, by the description of erotic fiction and the words of many who are referring to the book as “mommy porn” – that means everybody pretty much knows Shades of Grey is a sleazy … [Read more...]

Fifty Shades of Grey No Way

There are days when you read something on someone else's blog that you find so compelling you just kinda think...why say what's already been said? Such is the case today. I have much admiration and respect for Dannah Gresh and she has dedicated the last several years of her life to speaking into the lives of others on the subject of purity and sexuality. She has done the research and has a pure heart in her motives to speak on these … [Read more...]

Church Goers Flashed-Really?

I have been to countless Easter morning services at church through the years, several different churches in fact, as I have moved seven times since becoming married. This year was the first time I saw my husband struggle with where exactly to place his eyes during the walk in and out of the church building. My sixteen year old son was having the same struggle. I used to so enjoy seeing little girls, teens girls and women dressed in their … [Read more...]

Protect Your Children

This whole Penn State thing has had my head reeling. I am at a loss for words. The world has within it such evil - how do we protect our children? My sweet friend Dannah Gresh wrote an extremely helpful post that gives very doable, practical advice on how to discuss personal space safety with your child. It is a hard conversation to have, but a necessary one. I would encourage you to follow the link over to MomLife Today to read, and then … [Read more...]

Padded Bikini’s for 8 year olds?

Usually Monday is "Music Monday" around here and I post some music for your listening enjoyment because I love my music...and it makes me happy to share the tunes I enjoy with you! However, today I felt I must send you over to MomLife Today and ask you to read the post we ran on Friday afternoon. And then I'm hoping you'll go one step further and place a link to that post on your own site, or facebook page and spread the word. You will be … [Read more...]

Daughter Love!

Remember when little girls used to play with Barbie dolls? Frighteningly society is working hard to convince our little girls (I'm talking 8 to 10 year olds here!) they need to look like Barbie dolls - now! Hair, make-up and even clothes formally marketed to women are being marketed to little girls. Can this be healthy? Join me over at MomLife Today for a video interview I did with Speaker/Author Dannah Gresh and see what she has to say … [Read more...]