Moms Crave Quiet

When my children were very young, there were two commodities I was in constant need of: "quiet" and "time," that is for daggum sure! It seemed there were not enough hours in the day for me . . . and let's face it, many days "me" was at the top of my list. As I now contemplate my need "back in the day" for what is commonly referred to as "me time"—that quiet and time I so longed for—I find divine irony in the truth that what I actually … [Read more...]

Fear of Friendship

Friendship can be hard. The knowing and the being known by another human being requires such bravery and vulnerability. Remember when we were little ones and there was no fear attached to friendship. We simply embraced and curiously explored friendship—always giving our best and believing the best. Then with years and experiences came the doubts. Doubts about her . . . doubts about me. It is so hard to believe the possibility of the … [Read more...]

I Don’t Want To Go To Church

It was pouring down rain and I did not want to go to church. I mean hey, we can watch church online now. Why in the world would we slosh through rain and distant parking lots, arrive cold, wet and soggy to hear a sermon we could hear cuddled on the couch while sipping something warm? The worship center was sparse, and I internally snickered and thought, I was not the only one with the whole “warm snuggled up on the couch” idea this morning. I … [Read more...]

One Word

For the past few years I have been choosing "one word365" or  "my one word" to focus on each year - if you didn't know this is a running trend. My amazing friend Melanie over at Only A Breath made me (and will make you) a button if you would like to choose your "one word" as well! I must say the interesting thing in this process has been how God will provide the word if you are prayerful... and quiet long enough to hear it. And interestingly … [Read more...]

Dizzy Mom Exhaustion Phenom

For well over a year I have spent much time trying to determine direction and purpose. Honestly I think that’s something we all do on a continuum, but the tricky part is remaining true to who God has called you to be and living with contentment as you seek. I have to say it is way awesome when I can hear God above all the noise. When I am paying attention He keeps me ever humble if my thoughts and words get me into trouble as I am seeking and … [Read more...]

Mom Disappears!?

I want to disappear. Do you have days like that? Oh how glorious it would be if the skies would part and Jesus would appear and then I could disappear. The constant praise of Him could begin. I find myself longing for that more and more. Is that promise of being reunited with my Savior the source of the longing in my heart on this day (and several others) to disappear? I have spent the last three weeks caring for my husband as he … [Read more...]

Faith Is More Than Believing

It isn’t easy being a follower of Christ. That seems like a negative statement, but it is far from untrue. My Grandmama consistently told me that the most important thing is to love like Jesus. Some people are hard to love. Sometimes, some people in my own family tree are hard to love. A-hem, sometimes I am hard to love. And guess what – so are you! It is our human condition to be self seeking – to see the world and those around us … [Read more...]


As I sat down to write I was struck by the fact that I didn't quite know where to begin. Suffice it to say I have had quite the twenty four hours. Yesterday I was on a one hour conference call with some amazingly gifted and Godly folks who believe, really believe in the book I have written and want to work with me to get it into the hands of moms. Wow. My daughter, who got home from college on Monday left again yesterday to head to … [Read more...]

Soul Surfer – Meet Her For Real

I had the amazing pleasure of meeting Bethany Hamilton and her mom Cheri during their recent visit to FamilyLife. What a joy they both were - this is a mom and daughter who are truly connected. Soul Surfer, the movie about Bethany's life and the life altering encounter she had with a shark is being released April 9th.  The shark attack is probably going to be the draw for many movie goers...but they will gain so much more as they see her life … [Read more...]