Arlington Imprints on a 17 Year Old

I hope you will take some time this Memorial Day weekend to discuss with your children what Memorial Day is really all about. My daughter just returned from her Junior Trip to Washington DC and New York city. When we asked her what made the biggest impression on her ... she replied, "Arlington." It has been said a picture is worth a thousand are some of her photographs. … [Read more...]

My Good Friend…Matt Chandler

One of my family's favorite places to go in the whole big wide world is Pine Cove Camp. My hubby has taken my daughter to Father/Daughter camp since she was in the first grade, and my son started going with him to Father/Son camp when he was in Kindergarten. As a family we have attended Family Camp for eight years and our summer wouldn't be complete with an infusion of Pine Cove! It is an amazing place, with amazing people. There are many … [Read more...]