No-Rules, Kid-Friendly Summer

Yes, I just wrote that out loud : no-rules summer!  Call me crazy . . . or call me old and wise, but I do think I am on to something here! Every home needs rules to run smoothly, I get that, but come on . . . don’t you remember the thrill of summer when you were a kid? I sure do. I remember that giddy feeling of not having to study for three whole months and the promise of no schedules. (Yeah, remember when summer break was from Memorial … [Read more...]

MOMents Quietly Observed – Grandparent Edition

My teens running to greet my parents (visiting from another state) with open arms and lots of energetic happiness. My teen daughter “pile driving” her MUCH larger younger brother and him grinning from ear to ear because she still wants to tousle with him! Me declaring I want to play Kinect and my teens and parents joining in – that was a site to behold! My father down at the corral gently petting our horses Honey and Dot…knowing that he … [Read more...]

Random Fun & Memory Making

Long weekends....aaahhh! My son on his dirt bike jumping the giant dirt jumps his Dad created for him with a rented back hoe! My daughter in the back field riding her horse at a full broad and heart full! My parents on a four wheeler...Mom giggling and looking like a teenager! Hubby doing yet another project to improve our outdoor oasis! Fireworks ooohhs and aaahhs and my son directing the entire process! My … [Read more...]