Happily Unqualified

Through the ages God has used the unqualified for His purposes in the lives of others. The Bible is filled with people called by God who immediately go to, “Who me?” coupled with eyebrows up and “you gotta be kidding me” thoughts running through their heads. Why is it that when we read God’s word we are easily shocked that those called questioned their calling - Noah, Moses, Rahab, Mary, Peter, Paul. We read that the maker of heaven and earth … [Read more...]

Are You An Eagle or A Turkey?

There are times when you read something, especially a good word picture - and it sticks with you. You ruminate on it and toss it back it forth in your mind and then it settles into you and helps you clearly make choices. I’d like to introduce you to such a word picture I read in Anne Graham Lutz' book, Why? Trusting God When You Don’t Understand.  In this book she addresses, with wisdom, very well the choice each of us must make when faced … [Read more...]

Anxiety & Fear Wave

I am in a difficult place right now. I just read over and camped on Psalm 23 for a bit. Rather than quiet waters...I sense a churning. An overwhelming crash of emotion...a wave of anxiety and fear.   As I concentrate on God and who He is in the face of my uncertainty, though the wave is upon me, it slowly abates with the ebb of peace and calm – just as the waves of the ocean. God is not surprised by anything happening in my life right … [Read more...]

You Don’t Matter Lie

Safely tucked away in my familiar surroundings of home I thrive, as God and I stroll along peacefully together. Comfortable, quiet, easily heard. When my home is filled with family, friends and laughter, that too is a reflection of God's love for me, therefore I am at ease. It's when I leave the sanctuary of my home that the doubts always come, the pressing in on my formerly perceived clear calling from the Lord. It is as if all the blooming … [Read more...]