Fear of Friendship

Friendship can be hard. The knowing and the being known by another human being requires such bravery and vulnerability. Remember when we were little ones and there was no fear attached to friendship. We simply embraced and curiously explored friendship—always giving our best and believing the best. Then with years and experiences came the doubts. Doubts about her . . . doubts about me. It is so hard to believe the possibility of the … [Read more...]

Do You Have Ugly Friends?

In a letter received from a reader I once again was hit with a familiar issue amongst women - seems we moms have issues and hurt feelings that come up over our friendships with other women. A lot. Yeah, I have been there - I get it…totally.  But, through the years I have learned to recognize that maybe the issue is not so much one persons fault, but a failure of each person to understand the true nature and meaning of friendship. Will you … [Read more...]

Roof Crashers

There are times in my momlife where I sit in amazement of who my children are becoming. He sheepishly walked in from Echo - the Wednesday night youth gathering at our church - and as he looked up at me I could see emotion in his face. He grinned slightly and averted his eyes. My mom senses picked up on something...something big. "Are you OK?" I inquired. "Yeah...well...it was a really good night," he offered. "Have you been … [Read more...]

Disappointing A Friend

Friendships are hard because each friend has her own set of expectations based on her life experiences, life circumstances and personal needs. Lately, as I have been coaching my teens on their friendships, it has caused me to analyze my own friendships. It pains me to say it, but at times I fall short of what it means to be a caring friend. Try as I might there are times when I get so focused on my life, the needs of my family and my … [Read more...]

Friend Thing

Today I went and met with my friend Jenn - she's pretty wonderful. We did the whole meet at the coffee shop and sit and chat thing. We totally lost track of time and ended up there nearly three hours. Yeah...sweet. {umm...some things didn't get done today...and it really is ok!} As moms we sometimes spend so much time doing our mom thing that we neglect our friend thing. Spending those three hours with her made me realize I should do that … [Read more...]

Book Club Conversation – Thankful Thursday

Today was a fabulouso day!  It was book club day with my three wonderful friends who for nearly two years now have gathered at my home each month to discuss our monthly book club choice.  After our many months of sharing our thoughts we have turned the corner and now book club is about so much more than book discussion. We have shown vulnerability in our willingness to share with each other in a much deeper way.  Calling on our inner selves … [Read more...]