Why I Quit!

I had a plan. I had it all figured out. I knew what I wanted. And I was going for it. That is five I’s. Things are not going as planned. Disappointment. Again. Why? Can you relate? I know you can – because this scenario has repeated itself over and over in my life and no doubt the same is true for you. And then...this morning, I listened to Misty Edwards sing Finally I Surrender.  “All I want is you to have your … [Read more...]

I Vacuum At Writing

Because we don't use the "s" word for that in my home - though I did come dangerously close to using it anyway just now. Woe is me. I am fighting through the first edits on my book and I would like to scream and yell - lucky you, you get to read it. Pity party. In my pit. With Big O puddles. Splash.  Splash. It truly is maddening - I am screaming at the page.  But it's screaming back. I could be doing so many other things … [Read more...]