Mom Waste Of Time

Throughout my life keeping busy and being productive with my time has been a welcomed trait, one that has served me well. It is almost as if I have this little “I am wasting time here” meter going off in my head at any given moment and thus I strive hard not to be unproductive.  Do you feel me here? Are you nodding in agreement? Let us continue our back patting of our profound ability to accomplish!  Yay us! As a born “organizer” have you too … [Read more...]

Weekend Challenge

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a post about being an overwhelmed mom and suggested that spending quality time with your children may just help you battle those overwhelmed feelings. You know what else will help? A bit of flirting. Yes, I am talking to my married friends out need to flirt with your hubby! Far too often the stresses of daily life burden a mom right out of one of the greatest stress relievers of all – sweet … [Read more...]

CHRISTmas break!

Remember when you were in school and you always wished Thanksgiving Break would mark the end of the school year? Who the heck wants to go back to school and try to concentrate during the month of December when all you can think about is CHRISTmas break! I mean really...who made the school day calendar anyway. NOT ME!!! BUT I do make the BLOGDAY calendar. And mine says...spend time with your family and encourage all those other … [Read more...]

Guaranteed Family Memories!

What if I could tell you THE secret to making STELLAR family memories? I am talking sure fire, 100% guaranteed family bonding and memory making that will draw your family closer together in a big way! It will take some planning and work on your part, but I promise it will be worth it. I am not alone in this method, I have witnessed it over and over in many, many families and it works! It really works! OK, that's it, that's all you … [Read more...]

Phooey on Tight Schedules

If you are an anal retentitve list keeper that must get lots accomplished to feel happy and secure - you may want to close your eyes, or click away, or be prepared to start laughing. This is not your kinda post - but then again, maybe that's exactly why you should keep reading. You see, I am guest posting over at Family Matters Blog and as a recovering Busy Mom myself - I decided to share my "take" on summer time schedules. Or should a say … [Read more...]

Gross Idea Boys Will Love

Your sons will think you are the coolest mom on the planet if you buy them jelly beans...not just any jellybeans mind you!  Special ones. {gag} Did you know there are jelly beans that are described as skunk spray, ear wax, and booger? Oh yeah, and if you want to have some rip roaring fun...gather a group of brave children and serve em up! So, these little boxes of jelly beans are called Bean Boozled they come with 20 jelly beans in a box, … [Read more...]


Over on MomLife Today we have a sublime listing of summer fun ideas for you to ramp up the woo hoo at your place over the summer! We are hoping our mom community will try some of the ideas out and better yet, share their fun ideas with the rest of us! We jest not on the ideas we suggest for fun-filled summer days!  Case in point...a water fight...which led to a mud bath at the little Eyster Ranch! If you are curious about just how that … [Read more...]

MOMents Quietly Observed – Grandparent Edition

My teens running to greet my parents (visiting from another state) with open arms and lots of energetic happiness. My teen daughter “pile driving” her MUCH larger younger brother and him grinning from ear to ear because she still wants to tousle with him! Me declaring I want to play Kinect and my teens and parents joining in – that was a site to behold! My father down at the corral gently petting our horses Honey and Dot…knowing that he … [Read more...]


So all day today I had meetings...important stuff regarding MomLife Today, upcoming video interviews, various events, future plans - including an amazingly fantastical mom conference we are planning. But here's the thing, all I could really think about was the grocery list in my purse and how I needed to get to the store to buy snow day supplies before Snowmageddon hits tomorrow! It was entertaining how throughout the day the forecast was … [Read more...]