Cliff Jumping Mom!

Don't you just love spending nice quiet fun weekends with your family?  Yeah, me too. Well...sometimes ya just gotta spend a wild and crazy fun weekend with your family! This past weekend I think I may have exceeded the definition of wild and crazy fun...have you ever been cliff jumping? It is quite fun - I wrote a post last year about my initial cliff jumping adventure and that left a few people thinking I had lost my mind! This year … [Read more...]

Disgusting Jelly Beans “Ew”

Has your kid ever wanted to willingly share his jelly beans with you? Probably not.  If he does, I suggest you may consider saying no...especially if he is insistent!  Did you know there are jelly beans that are described as skunk spray, ear wax, and booger? Oh yeah, and if your children have not had them yet ... it's just a matter of time. So, there are these little boxes of jelly beans called Bean Boozled with 20 jelly beans in a box, … [Read more...]

Random Fun & Memory Making

Long weekends....aaahhh! My son on his dirt bike jumping the giant dirt jumps his Dad created for him with a rented back hoe! My daughter in the back field riding her horse at a full broad and heart full! My parents on a four wheeler...Mom giggling and looking like a teenager! Hubby doing yet another project to improve our outdoor oasis! Fireworks ooohhs and aaahhs and my son directing the entire process! My … [Read more...]

Fun Mom Ideas

A friend asked me for some ideas of fun activities over the summer and since all moms are on the look out for things to do I figured I'd just blog about it! I am guessing lots of you are probably recognizing that summer is here and your children are already saying, "I'm bored", what's a mom to do? As far as I'm concerned, summer time means no agenda. We drag our children from task to task during the school year, so for me summer is not so … [Read more...]

Moms N’ Paintball!

I just spent the last weekend acting like a teenager! I went to a women's retreat that was held at a youth camp and they offered some primo activities. I was 20 stories high on a zip line, I strategized my way through three rounds of some serious paintball battles and I danced the night away at an 80's Dance Party! (Oh yeah, headband, leg warmers and the bump - quite the site!)  I can honestly say...I felt like a … [Read more...]

Snow Day Fun! (“Fat”)

Ever have one of those "fat" days where you were just daggum happy? I just did! (The "fat" is compliments of my teen daughter...she added that when I walked away from the computer...and no, I was not just insulted - that means "great" in her world!)We have some fat friends who were traveling out of town, so their four children came over yesterday and are spending a few fat days with us. (More "fat"...compliments of my daughter!) Last night and … [Read more...]

Just Do It

Have you ever been hanging out at home, day dreaming of the possibilities? You know, you start making your go and do something really fun and then you think some more about it and you end up wimping out and decide, "Nah, that would be too much trouble, never mind." Bad move. Anything worth doing takes a lot of effort and shame on us when we let that stop us from having some fun and making memories. Over Labor Day … [Read more...]