Guaranteed Family Memories!

What if I could tell you THE secret to making STELLAR family memories? I am talking sure fire, 100% guaranteed family bonding and memory making that will draw your family closer together in a big way! It will take some planning and work on your part, but I promise it will be worth it. I am not alone in this method, I have witnessed it over and over in many, many families and it works! It really works! OK, that's it, that's all you … [Read more...]


So all day today I had meetings...important stuff regarding MomLife Today, upcoming video interviews, various events, future plans - including an amazingly fantastical mom conference we are planning. But here's the thing, all I could really think about was the grocery list in my purse and how I needed to get to the store to buy snow day supplies before Snowmageddon hits tomorrow! It was entertaining how throughout the day the forecast was … [Read more...]

Help for Moms Who Wanna Have Fun

Part of my m.o. is that I am a mom who likes to have fun with my kids. Now it wasn't always this way mind you, I went through my exhausted who has time for fun stage, but God snapped me out of that and I have never looked back. I realize that not all moms are naturally inclined for fun - that's why I wrote a post over at MomLife Today with a few tips for funness! Listed below are the ten suggestions for fun I challenged moms to try - I hope … [Read more...]

Cliff Jumping Mom!

Don't you just love spending nice quiet fun weekends with your family?  Yeah, me too. Well...sometimes ya just gotta spend a wild and crazy fun weekend with your family! This past weekend I think I may have exceeded the definition of wild and crazy fun...have you ever been cliff jumping? It is quite fun - I wrote a post last year about my initial cliff jumping adventure and that left a few people thinking I had lost my mind! This year … [Read more...]