Help for Moms Who Wanna Have Fun

Part of my m.o. is that I am a mom who likes to have fun with my kids. Now it wasn't always this way mind you, I went through my exhausted who has time for fun stage, but God snapped me out of that and I have never looked back. I realize that not all moms are naturally inclined for fun - that's why I wrote a post over at MomLife Today with a few tips for funness! Listed below are the ten suggestions for fun I challenged moms to try - I hope … [Read more...]

Family Reunion

Time marches on. For me that was easily and eerily obvious this past weekend when I gathered with extended family at a family reunion. How in the world can "cute little Jackson" be the father of an 18 month old? It literally blew my mind to see him chasing that little guy around the yard. Him a father...really? Wasn't it just a couple years ago that he was bragging about finally being able to drive? Obviously it was more than a couple years … [Read more...]

Moms N’ Paintball!

I just spent the last weekend acting like a teenager! I went to a women's retreat that was held at a youth camp and they offered some primo activities. I was 20 stories high on a zip line, I strategized my way through three rounds of some serious paintball battles and I danced the night away at an 80's Dance Party! (Oh yeah, headband, leg warmers and the bump - quite the site!)  I can honestly say...I felt like a … [Read more...]

Teen Trash Talk

Comments from my teens in the last 24 hours that made me laugh:Procrastinators unite - tomorrow!I'm the good kid...right mom?If I eat macaroni and cheese now can I still have dinner, in an hour, when we eat?Here mom...thought you might want this week old peanut butter and jelly sandwhich.I am worn out.  I only got three hours of sleep Friday night and four hours of sleep Saturday night, so I don't have to go to school tomorrow...right?I need … [Read more...]

Snow Day Fun! (“Fat”)

Ever have one of those "fat" days where you were just daggum happy? I just did! (The "fat" is compliments of my teen daughter...she added that when I walked away from the computer...and no, I was not just insulted - that means "great" in her world!)We have some fat friends who were traveling out of town, so their four children came over yesterday and are spending a few fat days with us. (More "fat"...compliments of my daughter!) Last night and … [Read more...]

Confession Time

For over two years now I've had this secret habit of visiting a man's website. I am compelled to go there...I try to stop myself...but I just can't. What is it with that? I especially find myself going to visit "him" when I'm sad, mad or simply if I've had a bad day. He gives me what I need...I make it through the rest of my day. Is this healthy for me? Well, some people would think it was very healthy and may even be … [Read more...]

Hello…anyone home?

The last three weeks have been a blur for me! We traveled "home" to see family over Thanksgiving and spent the entire week visiting, eating and reconnecting. Whenever I travel back home I purposefully "unplug" from all social media and I must admit it was rather pleasant to not be constantly checking up with things on my blogs or twitter. Upon our return from all the family fun hubby and I promptly left to go to an event as representatives … [Read more...]

Meeting Steven Curtis Chapman

If you have not yet heard the CD Beauty Will Rise, by Steven Curtis Chapman, I suggest you go right out and get yourself one.I just spent this past weekend with Stephen Curtis Chapman, his wife Mary Beth, and several other people who believe in what they are doing through their showHOPE ministry. If you didn't catch the Orphan Sunday event on November 8th, I encourage you to go watch it now.I met Mary Beth first. As she bounded over smiling, it … [Read more...]