I am Thankful for Laughter

THANKFUL THURSDAYOne of my favorite childhood memories of my Dad is of him laughing hysterically. I was very young, but I remember certain evenings when I wanted to be in the TV room to just be with and watch my Dad as he laughed.I talked with him about this recently and what we realized is that it was when he used to sit and watch Red Skelton. I do vaguely remember Red Skelton...but he was not why I was in the TV room...my father's laughter is … [Read more...]

Wanna Laugh?

A few months ago Tim Hawkins made a visit to FamilyLife to tape some radio programs and while there he did some of his stand up comedy for the staff and our families. Children of all ages were there and he was definitely a family friendly act!He was absolutely hilarious...and a really nice guy. He talked with our family for a bit and even posed for a picture with my teens.We have been Tim Hawkins fans for well over a year and anytime we need a … [Read more...]

Just Do It

Have you ever been hanging out at home, day dreaming of the possibilities? You know, you start making plans...in your head...to go and do something really fun and then you think some more about it and you end up wimping out and decide, "Nah, that would be too much trouble, never mind." Bad move. Anything worth doing takes a lot of effort and shame on us when we let that stop us from having some fun and making memories. Over Labor Day … [Read more...]