Jesus Found At Arkansas Funeral

As I walked into the church auditorium this morning, my heart was instantly seized with a wave of grief at the sight of three caskets. I wasn’t prepared for that, and though my head knew, seeing tangible evidence of the great loss began the next hours of weighty grief. A father’s casket nestled between two of his precious young daughters' caskets is a sight that moves quickly from your eyes to settle deep into your heart. Each casket had a … [Read more...]

Arkansas Mourning and Hollywood Celebration

I am sitting on an airplane headed to L.A. to attend an event that is directly tied to my passion to speak into the lives of moms—a time of celebration. Oddly, my heart does not want to keep this commitment made months ago. Celebration seems frivolous at this moment. My heart wants to retreat back to Arkansas, the state I called home for eight years, because there is mourning there. Why would I choose mourning over celebration? [Tweet … [Read more...]

The Hymn That Soothes

I am sure, much like me, you are searching for words today. For me, as I grappled with what I was seeing yesterday, the most soothing words were found in an old hymn. Join me over at MomLife Today where I share my thoughts regarding Moore, Oklahoma. More importantly - join me in prayer for the families affected, as well as those who are working tirelessly to serve.   … [Read more...]

Loss, Love and a Sweet Little Girl

I just got back from a funeral. Death stinks. Thankfully, for “Uncle Ick” (as my children have always referred to him) death means the ushering in of eternal life, freedom from pain and discarding the cane he has had to walk with for two decades due to a debilitating injury. But for those of us left behind…the fact remains, death stinks. Looking into the eyes of his wife of 29 years, (my hubby’s sister) and seeing pain, loss, … [Read more...]