Pushing Jesus Out Of The Way

Don't let the ordinary seem so important that it pushes Jesus out of the way. That’ll make you stop and think, huh? That is what greets me daily from the front of my refrigerator. I heard that phrase about a dozen years ago, put it on a piece of paper and have attempted to hold it in my heart daily since then. That tattered piece of paper has been moved from fridge to fridge as we’ve traveled across three states. Obviously this is a life … [Read more...]

Peach Preserves-YUM!

Another summer memory in the making! Literally. I woke the teens up at 7:00 a.m. loaded them into the X-terra, met up with some friends, went to a nearby orchard and we picked us some yummy peaches...sticky juice running down our chins, as it is totally legal to nibble while plucking! As if that wasn't enough fun, we stopped and got some jars, a 10 lb. bag of sugar and high tailed it back to the kitchen.  Oh yeah, this little Mama made some … [Read more...]

Fun Mom Ideas

A friend asked me for some ideas of fun activities over the summer and since all moms are on the look out for things to do I figured I'd just blog about it! I am guessing lots of you are probably recognizing that summer is here and your children are already saying, "I'm bored", what's a mom to do? As far as I'm concerned, summer time means no agenda. We drag our children from task to task during the school year, so for me summer is not so … [Read more...]

May Madness Moms part 2

How are you this fine May fellow moms? I am fine, just a little busy this month. Off the top of my head... Band Dinner & Auction Volunteer Kentucky Derby Party for Teens Organize National Archery Tournament Hotel and Bus plans for 30 + families Substitute Teach Awards Banquet Work projects for FamilyLife.com Welcome Teas for New Women to FamilyLife Update/Remake of Personal Website (yeah, this one) Untold meetings and … [Read more...]

Why men should do the dishes!

Yesterday, my hubby and two other men but on a grand Mother's Day celebration for three families that was absolutely fabulous! There were 17 guests at the well thought out affair and all were seated at one very long table skillfully put together with card tables and layered tablecloths. The place setting were mix and match China with hand crafted place cards and seats of honor for each of the moms in attendance. Our orders during the flurry of … [Read more...]

Lesson From a Baby

Yesterday I enjoyed a very special treat! I got to spend much of the day with the nine month old daughter of a very good friend who had a doctor's appointment. Truth be told, part of me thought it would be a bit of a stretch to spend several hours with a baby because I have a tendency to be "high task" and somehow manage to fill every moment of every day getting something done. Well, sweet little Isabel cured me of that affliction.  I am … [Read more...]

TV Family Movie Night is Back

OK friends, this Friday may just be the “re-start” of something great! Years ago Friday nights used to be “Family Movie Night” on network television. However, as we can all attest to, settling down with your family in front of the TV these days requires speed and accuracy with the remote. You know what I’m talking about, all of us have become professionals in our ability to mute and even push the off button in the blink of an eye!The jury is out, … [Read more...]

My “L” is back!

It has been a while since I posted - initially it was because my "L" was missing, but I did manage to get my keyboard repaired and as you can clearly read...my "L" is back!  (See my last post!)Our family just returned from a funeral...that's another reason why I have been silent for a bit.  It is amazing how you can be plugging along with your life and  have so many "things" that demand your attention and various "to … [Read more...]

Teenagers = Danger To Adults

Teenagers. You have to love them, or you would go mad trying to deal with the mood swings. I mean really, one minute you are enjoying a perfectly yummy salad dinner and having a normal conversation, the next minute you are dealing with someone who thinks you are a lunatic.So, at dinner last night when my daughter was clearly exasperated with our ineptness as adults, parents, and humans because we were not seeing things her way, my brilliant … [Read more...]

Valentine Solution for Hubby

For Valentine's Day this year I decided to just come right on out and tell hubby the pressure is off! Rather than him sweat it and try to figure out what wonderful thing he could do for me...I asked that we plan the evening together.  I suggested we invite another couple over to our home for dinner. We'll set the table with china and have everything all sweet and romantic...our guests will arrive, he and the other hubby will go get take out … [Read more...]