Epic Fail!

Teenagers: so quick to voice their opinions. The other day my sweet daughter, upon observing a little mistake I made while preparing dinner, made one of her humorous quips, "Epic fail," followed by a shake of the head and a slight smirk. "Excuse me?" I replied. She repeated, "Epic fail." "That sounds like a good title," I said. "I should do an "Epic fail" post ... what should I write it about?" To which she retorted, "Would you … [Read more...]


OK, I admit it...I do not like to clean anymore. (My house that is!)In my younger days I was a bit of a clean freak, I would so enjoy some good scrubbing with a big bottle of bleach, some rags, a mop and a good deal of discretionary time.Once I became a mom, I would still do a good amount of cleaning, though not quite as thoroughly as bk (before kids) because there was so little of that discretionary time left lying around.In the last several … [Read more...]

Pat On The Back

OK, so maybe I'm pathetic, but I was looking for a little pat on the back today from someone in my family. I spent about an hour cleaning out our refrigerator. Yuck, I truly loath that chore. Once again I was amazed at the number of items that had gotten shoved to the back and forgotten about or tipped over and spilled to create pools of stickiness. In spite of everything having a lid on it. Who does these things? How does that happen? Of … [Read more...]