For Men Only, Sort Of

If you are like me you are sort of the "gate keeper" in your home. Actually, it's a well known fact by all marketers that you and I are the one's who generally decide what is coming into our home, what our families are going to participate in, purchase, attend, visit, etc. (Assuming you are a chick - if you are one of the few dudes who read my blog - you need to keep reading too, this really is for YOU!) You get the idea ladies, actually … [Read more...]

Yes…it matters!

How was your CHRISTmas family time? Amazing I hope! As you may have noticed I was no where to be found on the internet! I just didn't have a peace about spending time with my face in front of a computer when there were so many faces available to be spending time with right here in my own home and those we visited. Take no offense please - my time spent connecting with you is presh - but sometimes ya just gotta Be The Mom! I hope you have come … [Read more...]