Pushing Jesus Out Of The Way

Don't let the ordinary seem so important that it pushes Jesus out of the way. That’ll make you stop and think, huh? That is what greets me daily from the front of my refrigerator. I heard that phrase about a dozen years ago, put it on a piece of paper and have attempted to hold it in my heart daily since then. That tattered piece of paper has been moved from fridge to fridge as we’ve traveled across three states. Obviously this is a life … [Read more...]

Loneliness Lie

  Loneliness whispers..."unloved" and takes an otherwise hope filled day and tramples the joy out of it. Why must the nagging shrieks “you don’t measure up” wash over my heart? Pride reveals itself in so many nasty ways. Look at me. No one sees me. I don’t matter anyway. The ever present “me” thoughts are the counterfeit that robs Gods glory. The enemy skillfully annihilates my countenance and slithers in to invade my … [Read more...]