Sufficient Courage

Last week I wrote a post sharing the fact that I am sometimes unable to do or say what God is asking me to do and oddly this used to not be an issue for me.  But I have been plagued by this desire to hide, rather than allow my light to shine. I am consistently finding myself paralyzed by fear and though intellectually and spiritually I know that is a wrong attitude...I still seem to go there. Yesterday God through a brick at me. In the form … [Read more...]

Labor Day Leads To Oh Happy Day

As we approach Labor Day and the long weekend, I must confess each year when I hear the term Labor Day I think of a whole other kind of labor. As a result this weekend reminds me of the gift of my children and the blessing it is to be a mom! Which then leads me to remember what a Happy Day that was. Which then makes me want to dance. Which then makes me want to sing. Which then makes me think of the happiest day of my life. Which … [Read more...]