Thanksgiving Changes

As you may recall, my daughter started college a few months ago. That has led to changes and a new normal around here. She certainly left a big empty space in our home upon her departure, but God is graciously filling that void. Having the capacity to embrace change, even one so very close to one's heart is a choice - and I am choosing to accept, adapt and grow. I have been counting the days until Thanksgiving and then CHRISTmas so I can … [Read more...]

Tiger the Mean Cat friend called me and said, "Because we are moving, we need someone to take our cat...would you be willing to? If not,we are going to have to put her to sleep." Yeah right, how do you say no to that? Pretty sneaky of her eh? She described the cat as mean and explained that she really won't much allow anyone to pet her and that she kinda has a tendency to bite. Lovely. She also shared that she was one tough cat and had made it … [Read more...]