Doing Laundry For Fun!

In Be The Mom I talk about doing chores together as a family and trying to make even chores an opportunity to bond and build relational equity with your children.  I suggest that it is wise to make doing things around the house more about the relationship and character building and less about perfect chore completion.  With repetition and effort there is continuous improvement in children. I know sometimes it is tough moms cause we could get … [Read more...]

From Ugly To Holy

I was fuming. Smoke emitting from my ears. Teeth clinched. Eyes narrowed. I have confessed that I can be “ugly” – well, ugly was rearing its...ugly head. (There’s no better way to say that.) Allow me to assure you that if I were a two year old I would have stomped through the family room, thrown myself on the floor and had myself a little on the spot hissy fit. And no, I am not talking about something that occurred “recently” I am … [Read more...]

School’s Out For The Summer

I am always so excited this time of year because my kids will be home more during the summer and my days, and nights, will be a bit more carefree and casual. Yes, of course there is still lots that must get done...but daggum it I decided several years ago that when I was a kid I loved summer cause the pressure was off! So I made sort of a personal declaration that just because I was a grown up did not mean I couldn't have a summer “break” … [Read more...]