Green Mom? Not good!

Being a mom is HARD. Forget "Calgon take me away" sometimes during the course of a typical week any mom (who's honest) wants to stand up and scream, upon which blood vessels will strain, her body will begin to contort, her skin will turn green and a Hulk-like transformation occurs.  Well, maybe not on the outside, but sometimes we do get frustrated and go all Hulk on the inside. Um-hum. As I recall watching the Hulk lose it, transform … [Read more...]

Help! Random Aggravations

the crack that showed up this morning in my car windshield - what's that?broken skateboard sticking out of the ground in my back yard - flower garden no less!the answer is always, "No, I don't have any homework." can that be?our hot tub full of cold water, when it's 20 degrees outside...really?son: "Stop it!"daughter: "Touch me again and you die!"everyone in this house addicted to "24" ... have you been Jacked?forgetting to return the … [Read more...]