MOB’s, Listen Up!

That little boy of mine, the one that used to beat on the front the door with his tiny little palm and chant, “outside, outside, outside” – yeah that one, he is over six feet tall now. The little dimples that have always winked at me when he smiles, still do. Somehow because he is headed towards manhood, they are even more adorable now than they used to be.  Perched up there above the scraggly beard. One day last week, with his green eyes … [Read more...]

Moms Of Boys Reality

The little boy I have cuddled with, zoomed cars with and built towers tall with is no longer a little boy, he is a young man who now towers over me. His sixteen year old boyish grin is outlined by a scruffy beard, his shoulders are broad, his voice deep – yet still filled with kind compassion as he reveals snip-its of his day with me. He has always been so willing to share his thoughts. Someday he will have a wife who will be blessed by his … [Read more...]

Boys, Moms & Messy gotta love em - cause they keep you on your toes! They also keep you in your laundry room and kitchen! Especially the kitchen because giving them good grub keeps them coming back to your home. Which trust me, is a good thing. I learned from a mom older and wiser than me years ago that if I wanted to know where my son was and what he was doing I best make my home a welcome place for him and his friends. Great advice, that I heeded … [Read more...]