Teen Watch

Raising teenagers really is a wonderful thing and the relational bond made through the years serves as an anchor in times of tumult. In so many ways we as parents are given the opportunity to help our teens understand and navigate the world around them. Now, more than ever, that navigation requires intentional steering and a hand always at the ready to toss out a life preserver of truth. Teens really do want to be spoken into, even if they … [Read more...]

Interviewing A Model

I really enjoy interviewing people for MomLife Today because being able to share what others are doing to glorify God, that in process speaks into the lives of moms, makes me silly happy! Confession time...knowing that I was interviewing an International model made me feel silly awkward...like my former awkward pre-teen self. No pressure there...sitting on camera opposite a woman who has been on magazine covers. Gee thanks. I chose, yes … [Read more...]

Padded Bikini’s for 8 year olds?

Usually Monday is "Music Monday" around here and I post some music for your listening enjoyment because I love my music...and it makes me happy to share the tunes I enjoy with you! However, today I felt I must send you over to MomLife Today and ask you to read the post we ran on Friday afternoon. And then I'm hoping you'll go one step further and place a link to that post on your own site, or facebook page and spread the word. You will be … [Read more...]

Modesty for Mom

Yesterday I was having a conversation with Shaunti Feldhahn (Yeah, how cool is that?  She was at FamilyLife and I did a video interview with her for MomLife Today.) and one of the areas of conversation left me feeling pretty hyped up and ready to spout off! So – put your helmets on ladies, here goes!  I’m gonna just say it straight out – we need to be mindful of how we dress and stop dressing like the unjustly celebrated Desperate … [Read more...]