My Son Is Ignoring Me!

I recently got an email from a mom (who asked to remain nameless) who shared that she was struggling in how to interact with her tween son who was rapidly loosing interest in his desire to hang out with her. Woe is me --- I have been there, and it hurts and it is confusing. I want to encourage her and all of you moms that is NORMAL and is NOT a reflection on you or your relationship with your son.  And I REALLY want to thank my new friend … [Read more...]

Be The Mom E-Book Sale!

  Wow - this is way cool! I was just informed that Focus on the Family is selling the ebook version of Be The Mom for only $1.99 if you order through their site! Just go to Be The Mom Sale and type in the code 406925 at check out! Just last night I received yet another email from a mom who said Be The Mom is making a "real" difference in her daily momlife! God is able...that's for sure! I continue to be in awe over what God is … [Read more...]

Overwhelmed Mom Needs…

Feeling overwhelmed today? Wishing you could hang out with friends or co-workers more and have some fun? Do thoughts of days free to do whatever you want skip through your mind? Is having time to yourself at the top of your bucket list? If you are familiar with me, you no doubt know that the next words typed on this page will include encouragement that what you do as a mom matters! A reminder that your momlife is important! You are molding … [Read more...]