Keep It Simple

Sunday afternoon was peace and quiet loveliness for me. After weeks of rain we had a beautiful day of clear skies and sunshine. I went out back to just spend some time alone doing nothing. Suddenly I found myself taking off my shoes and socks rolling my jeans up to my knees and laying down on the grass. I experienced an overwhelming desire to just feel the ground beneath me, relax and soak up the sun's warmth. I did absolutely nothing but lay … [Read more...]

MOB’s, Listen Up!

That little boy of mine, the one that used to beat on the front the door with his tiny little palm and chant, “outside, outside, outside” – yeah that one, he is over six feet tall now. The little dimples that have always winked at me when he smiles, still do. Somehow because he is headed towards manhood, they are even more adorable now than they used to be.  Perched up there above the scraggly beard. One day last week, with his green eyes … [Read more...]

Got Courage & A Junk Drawer?

Today you can find my thoughts on being a Courageous Woman while staring submission right in the face over at MomLife Today. Here at Be The Mom...I want to share with you a sweet MOMent I had this morning...I was looking for something in my bedside table and pushed to the back of the drawer I found a sweet little pile of homemade love. My kids are now 19 and 16...building into them while they were young did matter moms, we have a … [Read more...]

Doing Laundry For Fun!

In Be The Mom I talk about doing chores together as a family and trying to make even chores an opportunity to bond and build relational equity with your children.  I suggest that it is wise to make doing things around the house more about the relationship and character building and less about perfect chore completion.  With repetition and effort there is continuous improvement in children. I know sometimes it is tough moms cause we could get … [Read more...]

Mom Gut Check

“In a minute” she shot out in frustration never taking her eyes off of the iphone as she texted rapid fire. In front of her stood a little girl, I watched the little face contort as she hesitated and thoughtfully pleaded at her mother, with her heart...she then gave a little shake of her head and went back to her skipping in place, then stooped down to pick up a stick. My walking in the park propelled me forward and the scene playing out … [Read more...]

Social Media Deaths Increasing

An alarming trend of loss and death continues to grow, leading to speculation that social media and media in general have become the fastest growing killers in America. The public reporting of mounting deaths has been kept under wraps for several years, but no longer can our society look the other way.  We must all recognize the truth that there is a dark side of social media and media or the death toll will continue to rise. Several first … [Read more...]

Is Your Child Overwhelmed?

In today's competitive society adults are sometimes overwhelmed, unfortunately so are our children. Sometimes just getting daily school work done can leave children feeling stressed out because instead of doing their best they are striving to measure up to the kid sitting in the desk next to them. I remember when my son started the fourth grade I just knew something was up. I couldn’t quite place my finger on it, but I could see that he wasn’t … [Read more...]


Guilty. At the risk of sounding like a pathetic loser…well there you have it, I am a pathetic loser - so who am I kidding. I did the whole comparison thing. The whole, she’s got it better than me. It’s not fair. Whah, whah. What about me? I deserve that! Blah, blah. Fail. Again. Been there? Thankfully, God’s mercies never cease – and He loves me in spite of myself. Forgive me Lord. Done. Bless her for how you have … [Read more...]

Help! Random Aggravations

the crack that showed up this morning in my car windshield - what's that?broken skateboard sticking out of the ground in my back yard - flower garden no less!the answer is always, "No, I don't have any homework." can that be?our hot tub full of cold water, when it's 20 degrees outside...really?son: "Stop it!"daughter: "Touch me again and you die!"everyone in this house addicted to "24" ... have you been Jacked?forgetting to return the … [Read more...]

Mom Rant!

Okay ... if you do not enjoy hearing an otherwise level-headed mom share a little rant you may want to just sit this post out! Realize I'm just venting here, so please allow me to type for a while. Why am I the only person in this house who will put things back where they belong? Over Christmas I went to get my scissors ... not there. I went to get my paring knife ... gone. The lighter for the fireplace ... missing. Grrrr. Here's my big … [Read more...]