Be The Mom E-Book Sale!

  Wow - this is way cool! I was just informed that Focus on the Family is selling the ebook version of Be The Mom for only $1.99 if you order through their site! Just go to Be The Mom Sale and type in the code 406925 at check out! Just last night I received yet another email from a mom who said Be The Mom is making a "real" difference in her daily momlife! God is able...that's for sure! I continue to be in awe over what God is … [Read more...]

School’s Out For The Summer

I am always so excited this time of year because my kids will be home more during the summer and my days, and nights, will be a bit more carefree and casual. Yes, of course there is still lots that must get done...but daggum it I decided several years ago that when I was a kid I loved summer cause the pressure was off! So I made sort of a personal declaration that just because I was a grown up did not mean I couldn't have a summer “break” … [Read more...]

Green Mom? Not good!

Being a mom is HARD. Forget "Calgon take me away" sometimes during the course of a typical week any mom (who's honest) wants to stand up and scream, upon which blood vessels will strain, her body will begin to contort, her skin will turn green and a Hulk-like transformation occurs.  Well, maybe not on the outside, but sometimes we do get frustrated and go all Hulk on the inside. Um-hum. As I recall watching the Hulk lose it, transform … [Read more...]

Is Your Child Overwhelmed?

In today's competitive society adults are sometimes overwhelmed, unfortunately so are our children. Sometimes just getting daily school work done can leave children feeling stressed out because instead of doing their best they are striving to measure up to the kid sitting in the desk next to them. I remember when my son started the fourth grade I just knew something was up. I couldn’t quite place my finger on it, but I could see that he wasn’t … [Read more...]

May Madness Moms

Forget March Madness...for all moms, the madness is in May. I mean's like every school, church and civic organization tries to fit into the month of May whatever they did not manage to get done previously in the school calendar year. I don't know whether I am coming or going. I have this constant nagging in the back of my head, "What have I forgotten?" Can you relate? If some resort would wise up and offer a "Mom's … [Read more...]

Woman Thoughts vs. Mom Thoughts

Last week a friend of mine said to me, "I don't know how to be happy." That admission has caused me to pause and contemplate the reasoning behind such a shocking statement. It has also caused me to think about us moms and the issue of happiness. Before motherhood most of us had ample opportunity to pursue what made us happy. The world and our future lay before us and the days' choices largely were made based on our own personal needs. But once … [Read more...]

Help! Random Aggravations

the crack that showed up this morning in my car windshield - what's that?broken skateboard sticking out of the ground in my back yard - flower garden no less!the answer is always, "No, I don't have any homework." can that be?our hot tub full of cold water, when it's 20 degrees outside...really?son: "Stop it!"daughter: "Touch me again and you die!"everyone in this house addicted to "24" ... have you been Jacked?forgetting to return the … [Read more...]

Photo Fun

Life seems to tick by so very slowly when I am living through the day before me. Life seems to be moving at warp speed when I bump into a box of old photos and sit, remember and smile. How did my sweet, fun, rambunctious children turn into teenagers already? How can I be looking up at both of them as we conversate? Today's treasure box of memories proved interesting. The silly grin I had on my face while reliving captured photographic … [Read more...]

Mom Rant!

Okay ... if you do not enjoy hearing an otherwise level-headed mom share a little rant you may want to just sit this post out! Realize I'm just venting here, so please allow me to type for a while. Why am I the only person in this house who will put things back where they belong? Over Christmas I went to get my scissors ... not there. I went to get my paring knife ... gone. The lighter for the fireplace ... missing. Grrrr. Here's my big … [Read more...]


OK, I admit it...I do not like to clean anymore. (My house that is!)In my younger days I was a bit of a clean freak, I would so enjoy some good scrubbing with a big bottle of bleach, some rags, a mop and a good deal of discretionary time.Once I became a mom, I would still do a good amount of cleaning, though not quite as thoroughly as bk (before kids) because there was so little of that discretionary time left lying around.In the last several … [Read more...]