Pat On The Back

OK, so maybe I'm pathetic, but I was looking for a little pat on the back today from someone in my family. I spent about an hour cleaning out our refrigerator. Yuck, I truly loath that chore. Once again I was amazed at the number of items that had gotten shoved to the back and forgotten about or tipped over and spilled to create pools of stickiness. In spite of everything having a lid on it. Who does these things? How does that happen? Of … [Read more...]

Do you like me?

Do you remember receiving notes in elementary school that went something like this...I like you. Do you like me? Circle yes or noRemember the surge of excitement you would get when you realized someone liked you and wanted to be your friend? It was a great feeling then and it's a great feeling now.So yeah, I admit it...after less than a week of writing a personal blog I find myself holding my breath each day as I "stop by" to see if anyone has … [Read more...]

Just Do It

Have you ever been hanging out at home, day dreaming of the possibilities? You know, you start making your go and do something really fun and then you think some more about it and you end up wimping out and decide, "Nah, that would be too much trouble, never mind." Bad move. Anything worth doing takes a lot of effort and shame on us when we let that stop us from having some fun and making memories. Over Labor Day … [Read more...]