Meant To Be – Music Monday

If you are a Veggie Tales fan I am sure you automatically purchase their DVD releases - which is a smart move! Well, get ready to do a happy dance because a new Veggie Tales creation is about to be on the market! And this next movie looks extra special!  To get a taste of what they have created check out this awesome music video featuring Steven Curtis Chapman ... he is an amazingly talented and wonderful man!  (His wife is an awesome lady … [Read more...]

Voice of Truth – Music Monday

In my recent interview with Mary Beth Chapman, wife of Steven Curtis Chapman - she made reference to a song her husband co-wrote (Voice of Truth) and it took me back to a time in my life when this song got me through a particularly rough time in my life. You see my husband was working some 80 hours a week (and that is not an exaggeration) and at times I thought I wasn't going to survive the strain it was putting on our marriage, our family and … [Read more...]

Beautiful For Me – Music Monday

Here's the message all parents need to infuse into their children! This is the soundtrack for the new Veggie Tales movie Sweet Pea based on the story of Sleeping Beauty.  You can get a free copy of this new Veggie Tales movie if you donate now to FamilyLife! … [Read more...]

Miley…Seriously? Heavy Sigh.

OK - I avoided it for a month. Sort of how you avoid going to the dentist when you have a toothache...because you know it's gonna hurt. I am a Southern girl, raised with Southern values (and quirks) by parents who love me dearly. When the whole Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana craze started I liked the fact that she was sharing good old fashioned Southern values (and quirks) with the world. The show was light hearted, fun, and spoke some decent life … [Read more...]