Pet or Family Member?

Allow me to begin by saying I am not writing this to rile anyone up...or to start a "don't diss my dog war" I am writing it to educate and pose a valid question. You see I have long been someone who enjoys animals, but think that some people (including some of my own family members) go too far by treating them like humans. My mom does not care for pets in the home and just doesn't get it when others are so into their pets. My daughter is drawn … [Read more...]

Happy Mother’s Day Cow…say what?

Normally if you put the words "Mother's Day" and "cow" in the same sentence you might get a kick in the shins from the female you uttered those words to! (OK, the "utter" was bad, but I couldn't resist!) However, this Mother's Day cow is an inspired idea brought to us from Heifer International. If you have never heard of Heifer...well, you need to know about them. It is an organization that allows you to purchase livestock to be given to … [Read more...]

Orphan Care Summit

Do you care about orphans?If so, you would be interested in knowing that at this very moment a group of 1,100 key leaders are gathered together at the annual Orphan Care Summit and these Saints are finding ways to work together to care for the needs of the 140 million orphans in the world. Arm in arm they are seeking solutions for "the least of these." And as Dennis Rainey likes to say, "they are leaving their logos and egos at … [Read more...]