Broken Boy Hope

(Friends, I wrote this post over CHRISTmas, but because I had made the choice not to blog over the break it has been sitting in my computer...but I feel compelled to share it as I feel someone needs the assurance of the encouragement it provides. And I really want to know the answer to the question I pose at the end!) I am sitting in a hospital recovery room, eyes affixed on my sixteen year old son who is recovering from surgery. I sit here … [Read more...]

Hearing God With Your Eyes

Have you noticed the birds? At my home they are even singing at night, just outside my bedroom window. Spring time is wonderfulness. An amazing reminder of God’s ability to make all things new! Baby birds in nests that mama birds have lovingly constructed. I have already watched one group of babies grow and fly the nest and now a new group has shown up nearby – still in their eggs, with mama dutifully protecting. Just this week … [Read more...]

Anxiety & Fear Wave

I am in a difficult place right now. I just read over and camped on Psalm 23 for a bit. Rather than quiet waters...I sense a churning. An overwhelming crash of emotion...a wave of anxiety and fear.   As I concentrate on God and who He is in the face of my uncertainty, though the wave is upon me, it slowly abates with the ebb of peace and calm – just as the waves of the ocean. God is not surprised by anything happening in my life right … [Read more...]