Sacrifice & Homecoming Ignored!

I am sitting in an airport…crying. While the world around me continues to turn and people scurry. The escalators before me carry travelers, many, many travelers.  Face after face coming down the escalator appears weary and laden down with heavy loads – and not just in their arms. Just moments ago I watched a woman of 40 something bounce up and down and squeal in excitement, there on the down escalator was a younger version of her … [Read more...]

Summertime & The Livin’s Sleazy

Really? According to many sources there are LOTS of people reading Shades of Grey. Lots.  Of.  People. Like, even people that are sitting in church on Sunday. Um hum. That’s really curious to me. Shades of Grey is erotic fiction. As far as I can tell, by the description of erotic fiction and the words of many who are referring to the book as “mommy porn” – that means everybody pretty much knows Shades of Grey is a sleazy … [Read more...]

Fifty Shades of Grey No Way

There are days when you read something on someone else's blog that you find so compelling you just kinda think...why say what's already been said? Such is the case today. I have much admiration and respect for Dannah Gresh and she has dedicated the last several years of her life to speaking into the lives of others on the subject of purity and sexuality. She has done the research and has a pure heart in her motives to speak on these … [Read more...]

Courageous Mom Chat

I recently shared that I was blessed to interview Priscilla Shirer during her recent visit to FamilyLife. Well, while she was here I also spent some time with the Kendrick brothers who created the movie Courageous! More importantly I got to hang out with the Kendrick brothers wives - I am always more interested in the women behind successful men! Jill and Christina were amazingly wonderful - but we are not surprised by that are we? They … [Read more...]

Pancakes & Jill Savage

Ever been smacked in the face by a pancake? Do you know how to prevent such a calamity? For the story behind that odd statement join me over at MomLife Today! And ... on a side note, yesterday was a fabulous one...I did a video interview with Jill Savage of Hearts at Home, we had dinner together last night and then we headed on over to a MomLink Event to spend some time with a group of moms who were blessed by an evening with Hearts at Home … [Read more...]

Daughter Love!

Remember when little girls used to play with Barbie dolls? Frighteningly society is working hard to convince our little girls (I'm talking 8 to 10 year olds here!) they need to look like Barbie dolls - now! Hair, make-up and even clothes formally marketed to women are being marketed to little girls. Can this be healthy? Join me over at MomLife Today for a video interview I did with Speaker/Author Dannah Gresh and see what she has to say … [Read more...]

Pinch Me

Ok, so I have been avoiding writing this post because it seems too droppy (are those even words?) but here I go. First, let me tell you why I go here...because God did it, not me! Five years ago I was living in West Virginia, as that was hubby's latest assignment from corporate America, and I was distraught. You see, I didn't want to be there, I didn't want my husband to be married to his job and I didn't want my children to … [Read more...]