Where Is The Love? – Music Monday

OK - so you gotta admit last night's Super Bowl half time show was quite entertaining! I literally jumped up off the couch and started dancing. Oh yeah, you are sorry you missed that huh? {maybe not} Several years ago when the Black Eyes Peas released their song, Where Is The Love? my kids and I wore the heck out of it! We still have the entire song memorized and have always enjoyed playing it very loudly and singing along! I realize the … [Read more...]

Heaven Is The Face – Music Monday

I recently had the pleasure of having a lovely conversation with Steven Curtis and Mary Beth Chapman - both amazing people. If you have not yet gotten a hold of his latest DVD, you need to...all of the songs were written as they were grieving the loss of their sweet Maria. Listen, lift up a prayer for them...and spend some extra time today loving your own children. … [Read more...]