Moms Crave Quiet

When my children were very young, there were two commodities I was in constant need of: "quiet" and "time," that is for daggum sure! It seemed there were not enough hours in the day for me . . . and let's face it, many days "me" was at the top of my list. As I now contemplate my need "back in the day" for what is commonly referred to as "me time"—that quiet and time I so longed for—I find divine irony in the truth that what I actually … [Read more...]

Jesus Found At Arkansas Funeral

As I walked into the church auditorium this morning, my heart was instantly seized with a wave of grief at the sight of three caskets. I wasn’t prepared for that, and though my head knew, seeing tangible evidence of the great loss began the next hours of weighty grief. A father’s casket nestled between two of his precious young daughters' caskets is a sight that moves quickly from your eyes to settle deep into your heart. Each casket had a … [Read more...]

Arkansas Hope and Rubble

My heart was pounding as I quickly laced up my shoes, shouting to my son that there was a tornado heading our way. My husband grabbed dirt bike helmets for our protection while my son stripped his bed and placed the mattress in the hallway. Out our west window, we could see a black sky and debris in the air. The voices on the television reported, “Tornado on the ground at 300 near Pinnacle Mountain.” That’s us. We would learn later that … [Read more...]

Arkansas Mourning and Hollywood Celebration

I am sitting on an airplane headed to L.A. to attend an event that is directly tied to my passion to speak into the lives of moms—a time of celebration. Oddly, my heart does not want to keep this commitment made months ago. Celebration seems frivolous at this moment. My heart wants to retreat back to Arkansas, the state I called home for eight years, because there is mourning there. Why would I choose mourning over celebration? [Tweet … [Read more...]

Praying for Discipline

Last month I was asked to be a part of the 31 Days of Prayer over at Family Matters Blog and I was blessed and happy to be a part of their prayer focus. Prayer is so very important moms. Several months ago over at MomLife Today we began sharing daily Mom Prayers and to date, that seems to be one of the moms favorite offerings we provide to them. Oh, how necessary it is to pray for our precious children. I found it most interesting that … [Read more...]

Mom Fail, That Involves Smoke & Firetrucks

It seemed like a reasonable idea at the time. My husband, children and I were visiting friends out of state to attend a wedding.  The day of the wedding we were up and running – well, most of us were.  Hubby and daughter had left to go to the store, but my son was still asleep. My friend’s husband was out and about and she and I wanted to go take a walk. My then nine year old son was asleep and we had discussed the night before that if he woke … [Read more...]

Foster Care Prayer Vigil – online

Welcome to Be the Mom, as I mentioned in my post titled, Foster Care Prayer Vigil  today my post is part of the prayer vigil for foster care children.  I am inviting you to offer up your own prayer in the comment section, or on your own blog as you join with me in the National Foster Prayer Vigil going on all this week.   Father God, I praise you and thank you that you are the Alpha and the Omega and that you know each of your children … [Read more...]

Foster Care Prayer Vigil – Hosts Needed

I have supported Hope for Orphans since 2006 and it is my fervent prayer that others in the mom blogging space will join with Hope for Orphans for the National Foster Care Prayer Vigil. Five years ago during a gathering of orphan advocates at Saddleback Church I stood at a small table and registered those who would commit to pray. That day I slowly watched the map of the United States fill up with prayer vigils being committed to all across … [Read more...]

Day of Prayer

Twice a year Cru (formally known as Campus Crusade for Christ) has a Day of Prayer in which all of the people involved with all of their different ministry outreaches cease striving and spend the day before the Lord in prayer. What an amazing spiritual discipline for each of us to practice - extended, focused time in prayer. We met together at a state park and had a time of aloneness in God's creation going before the Lord in prayer and we … [Read more...]

God Did That!

We had guests over the weekend. My favorite kind of guests – teenagers. My daughter came home from college for the weekend and brought three friends with her.  There are only two weeks left to their Freshman year in college so it was a sweet time of lots of good home cookin and many rich conversations - a year in review reflections and the sharing future dreams wonderings! On Saturday night we had a couple of adults join us, as I always … [Read more...]