Soul Surfer – Meet Her For Real

I had the amazing pleasure of meeting Bethany Hamilton and her mom Cheri during their recent visit to FamilyLife. What a joy they both were - this is a mom and daughter who are truly connected. Soul Surfer, the movie about Bethany's life and the life altering encounter she had with a shark is being released April 9th.  The shark attack is probably going to be the draw for many movie goers...but they will gain so much more as they see her life … [Read more...]

30 Day Challenge…For Your Daughter

My fellow blogger over on MomLife Today, Mrs. Dannah Gresh, is doing something magnificent on her Secret Keeper Girl website - she's challenging moms to spend 30 days in prayer for their daughters! Wanna commit to doing just that with me? My sweet, wonderful 17 year old daughter is entering her senior year of High School and I am all for being a part of Dannah's prayer challenge!  There are more than a few decisions my daughter will be … [Read more...]