Social Media Sucks

The humility right out of me. When I use social media to encourage and connect it is grand. When I use social media to juke and jive and work hard to “get noticed” and hustle to make people find me or “like” me it sucks the humility right out of me and reveals my sinfulness. The pattern of this social media world is to see and be seen, have others hashtag you, quote you, friend you, follow you, notice you, tell others about … [Read more...]

It Is Not My Fault – Big Fat Liar

See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil. I have heard that little mantra my whole life and have seen the cute photos of people (and monkeys) with their hands over their eyes, ears and mouth – I always thought that was a great word picture. Psalm 101 points out this truth and goes one further, reminding us to protect our hearts as well and avoid the evil of pride. So often in life we can get caught up in the “evil moment” and find our … [Read more...]