Moms Crave Quiet

When my children were very young, there were two commodities I was in constant need of: "quiet" and "time," that is for daggum sure! It seemed there were not enough hours in the day for me . . . and let's face it, many days "me" was at the top of my list. As I now contemplate my need "back in the day" for what is commonly referred to as "me time"—that quiet and time I so longed for—I find divine irony in the truth that what I actually … [Read more...]

Get The Grime Out – Mop Optional

“Why would you mop the doesn’t even look dirty?  Besides, it’s just gonna get dirty again?” I giggled and kept my head down, steady on the task. My son had just moved all the furniture out of my way and vacuumed the kitchen floor, it was now up to me to do my part of the shared chore. I must admit, for a few seconds I considered his point of view. It really didn’t look dirty. But I knew it was. We live on a little ranch … [Read more...]

“Bing” – God Has a Message For You

Reading the word of God truly is like daily unlocking a mystery that is revealed personally to me each day. I don’t know why I am still amazed at how God will speak to me through His word. So much so that I thank Him out loud, and often. If you are not someone who takes time to read and ponder the Bible I want to challenge you to try it for 30 days. Come on, 30 days...isn’t it worth the time and effort to see what God wants to reveal to … [Read more...]