Random Observations

Time flies when you are hearing truth. A couple days with little time in front of a computer is a beautiful thing. Prayer lifted up together for others is somehow sweeter. Conversations with people you haven’t bumped into in a while brings much happiness! Cold, cold, cold water, quenching my thirst...is the best ever. My sons smile...melts my mom heart. God truly gifts some with amazing talents and witnessing their obedient and … [Read more...]

RandoMOM Observations

Hiking when it’s over 100 degrees is exhilarating, in a totally drenched in sweat sort of way. Dead leaves on my trees makes me sad. When my husband calls and says, “How you doin?” (in a Joey from friends sort of way) it still makes me giggle and swoon!   When you invite a group of women to your home for “tea” you learn some things -  like even though I am a  southern lady...I really am a simple country girl...and I am … [Read more...]