Husband Help

I recall an older wiser woman saying to me once, "He will never know if you don't tell him, sharing burdens is part of what marriage is about." Once again that advice was proven wise. You see I have been carrying this very heavy burden all around with me the past couple of weeks. It was weighing me down. I tried to to quietly, bravely haul it around with me, thinking it would eventually go away and become less burdensome, but that was not … [Read more...]

Do You Like Who Your Teens Like?

When our children are young we sort of pick their friends. You know it's true - we plan play dates with the kids we want our children to hang out with, we put them into activities with the kids we like. It is comforting to know that your children are being influenced by the children you approve of. Then as they become tweens and teens, who they hang out with becomes less and less under your control. They have a mind of their own and they get … [Read more...]